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Mobile service is rarely offered by other brick and mortar hospitals, but at Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center, we feel that in-home veterinary visits are an important part of our feline practice. Coming to your home allows us to provide feline specific veterinary care in ways that are impossible in the hospital setting.  We can understand many behavior issues much better if we see the environment in which they take place; we can provide services for cats who may be less stressed in the home environment or who don’t travel well; we can see cat(s) where the cat parent is homebound and we can manage hospice care for terminally ill cats without the requirement for stressful travel.


Examples of services our unique feline mobile service can provide:

  • Routine wellness care for cats of all ages
  • Diagnostic laboratory tests, blood pressure, ophthalmology and more
  • Environmental evaluation for allergies, behavior issues and more
  • Pain management
  • Hospice Care
  • Euthanasia Care
  • And more as needs arise.

If we are seeing your cat for the first time on a mobile visit, we will ask you review the new client information and complete the necessary forms: new client/patient information.


Pre-Mobile Visit Phone Interview

All new patients’ parents will need to schedule a short phone call prior to the visit (this most often happens when the appointment is scheduled).  This will help us determine what we need to bring with us on the visit.

Some existing patient parents may be asked to schedule a short phone call prior to the visit, if a change in the patient’s situation might indicate a need for equipment or medication that we have not brought in the past.

Preparing Your Home for your Mobile Visit

At least one hour prior to the scheduled time of your mobile visit, please confine your cat to a small room with no escape routes (such as a bathroom), or place your cat in a carrier.  If a sedative has been planned, you will give it around this time; any planned pheromone spraying should also be done around this time.

It is best to have ready a room that contains a table and 3-4 plain chairs, but without any furniture that a cat could hide under or behind.  If this is impossible, we ask that you do your best to securely block off such hiding places prior to our arrival.

Most visits do not require any fasting or other special preparation; in the event of an exception, you will be informed well in advance.

Any other pets should be confined away from the designated examination room for the duration of the visit.  Young children should also be elsewhere for the safety of everyone involved.  


General Mobile Service Information:

Mobile Service Fees

Our charges for veterinary services provided in-home are the same as for services provided in our hospital.  For mobile services, we charge a travel fee in addition, which is determined by how far we have to drive to get to you.  We can calculate our travel fee for you prior to your visit once we have your address.

Charges are expected to be paid in full at the time of the visit.  An estimate will be presented for approval before any charge is made apart from the Travel Fee and the Examination Fee.  

Sales taxes are assessed depending on the regulations applicable in your residence area, and vary between areas.  

Accepted forms of payment are cash, credit cards (MC, VISA and AMX), CareCredit, and check. The typical mobile visit will involve one veterinarian and one technician or assistant.   If additional staff members are required to meet your needs, additional fees will apply and can be estimated prior to your visit.

Mobile Service Locations

UCVC mobile services are available in most of Boulder County and in many surrounding areas, but are not available beyond a reasonable perimeter, and are not available in some specific areas due to sales tax restrictions.  Please call us to find out if mobile service is available for your home.

If You Miss Your Appointment

If you need to cancel or reschedule your mobile appointment, we ask that you kindly do so as early as possible in order to make the time available to someone else.  We will work with you to reschedule your appointment at the earliest convenient time.

Should you be absent at the appointment time (or within the 15 minute grace period) without having notified us, or for insufficient reason, at our sole discretion, you may be charged for the Travel Fee and the Examination Fee.

If We Are Delayed

We will make every effort to reach your home by the appointed time.  It is a reality of veterinary care, however, that delays happen for many reasons:  medical complications, an earlier client being late; and (for mobile visits), train crossings, road construction, and similar issues may create unexpected delays.

In the event of a delay on our end, we will contact you as soon as we can, and let you know what our expected ETA is.  Should you need to reschedule your appointment as a result of a delay on our part, no charges will be made to you, and we will try to accommodate you as quickly as possible.


Mobile Service Bad Weather & Road Condition Policy

Mobile services are subject to weather and road conditions.  We will make every effort to honor our commitments, but we will not endanger our staff to do so.  Should road conditions prevent us from keeping our appointment with you, we will notify you as soon as we are aware and able to do so, and reschedule your appointment at the earliest possible time.

Road condition and bad weather risk assessment is at our sole discretion.

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